1. If I buy a Harley Party ticket, is Poker Run included?

No, Poker Run registration is separate. You can register here for $30.

2. If I register for the Poker Run, am I eligible to win the Harley?

No, but you are able to attend Harley Party and enjoy the event. However, you would not be eligible without a Harley Party ticket which you can purchase here.

3. For the Poker Run, is it $30 per bike or per person?

It’s “per participant,” so if a passenger wants to have poker hands and have entry into the Harley Party it is the same $30 fee. If the passenger doesn’t want to participate and just wants to ride along they can for free; however, he/she will NOT have entry into the Harley Party.

4. Can I register day of for the Poker Run?

Yes, you can register day of at Siemens, 408 US-60, Bartlesville, OK 74003

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